Black digital camo low profile wrist wraps

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Wrap features


36” in length 1.25" wide


Serged on one edge, smooth top edge for comfort.


Made with 100% cotton, heavy and durable dogwood denim.



From Spoonflower (where we source our fabrics) : Spoonflower’s digital print on demand process is designed to minimize wasted fabric and ink. Since we print only what you order, there’s no leftover printed fabric that we can’t use. Ink colors are mixed from 4-6 basic colors as your fabric is printed, so unlike screen printing, there’s no mixing of colors in advance of the print process. Our print process also doesn’t require any wet post-processing, so there’s no water consumed during printing. Spoonflower’s inks and dyes have been tested for harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and lead) and are found to be safe for infant use.